Thinking On The Largest Scales

What could be larger then humanity exploring the galaxy?

We like to think about problems on such large physical and time scales, and how humanity can overcome them.

Unlocking Humanity's Potential

We use computational methods to solve problems associated with human exploration of our cosmic neighbourhood.

We look at spacecraft trajectories for round-trip visits to one of the moons of Jupiter like Europa, to how humanity could escape the bounds of the Solar System and explore the Milky Way Galaxy.

We also study long-term and large-scale projects that would benefit all of humanity, such as the Astro-Engineering project of moving the position of the Earth to a safe distance from the Sun as it goes through its Red Giant Phase.

We also help researchers around the world modernize or optimize their scientific or legacy code to take advantage of new programming or computing paradigms.

Who Are We?

We are a collection of Astronomy, Climate and Physics researchers with PhDs in our respective fields that love to solve problems.

Particularly those challenges that will see Humanity explore the Solar System and the Milky Way Galaxy.

These range from the dynamics and logistics of moving humans to the stars, to the needs of those humans so that they not only survive, but flourish.

What Do We Do?

We primarily design computer models and numerical simulations to test our ideas.

They can be simple statistical models, precise spacecraft flight dynamics, or models of terraformation.

What Does SIAA Mean?

SIAA is an acronym for the latin phrase

Sic Itur Ad Astra

which translates into English as

Thus One Goes To The Stars

Why Should You Care?

We think that humanity's future will involve exploring the billions of worlds in our galaxy.

Though we may never participate in our lifetimes, we desire to be a part of that exploration and discovery in any way that we can.

By providing solutions to problems that humanity's descendants may encounter as they colonize space, we can take part vicariously through them.


These are some of the active projects at SIAA Research

In this Astro-Engineering project, we consider how to move the position of the Earth to a safe distance from the Sun as it goes through its Red Giant Phase.

As the Sun starts to run out of fuel near the end of its life in the next 4 - 5 billion years, the Sun will start to increase in size engulfing the Earth in the process. For the long term survival of the planet Earth, the birthplace of humanity, we look at celestial mechanical solutions to this problem.

We look at the prospect of creating a celestial body close encounter delivery system which would gradually move the Earth to a safe distance from the Sun as it ages. The challenge of this approach is constructing such a delivery system that works on such large timescales, as well as accounting for potential gaps in human participation in this program.

In this project we look at ways for humanity to escape the confines of the Solar System, and explore the galaxy.

Exploration mechanisms for humanity inside and outside of the Solar System.

Spacecraft trajectories for visits to all celestial bodies in the Solar System.

Protecting human cargo and other biological matter through space.

Mining operations in the asteroid belt and comets in the Oort cloud.

Long-term and large-scale projects that would benefit all of humanity.